I sould my soul to the devil and all i got was this lousy week of parties

New York Night Train’s soul proprietor returns from the Big Easy with a satchel full of gris gris in his hand and a brand new pact with satan himself – trading his soul for the ability to make you sweat and salivate and speak in tongues…

Wednesday, Dec 12, Motor City (127 Ludlow, Manhattan), 10pm, FREE: DJ Black Ops, AKA Social Registry co-owner/manager Joe Gaer is one of the city’s most distinguished DJs with selections that are every bit as quality, diverse, and unique as the releases on his label. Get down to sounds you’ve never heard and wish you could hear again.

Thursday, Dec 13, Matador/Beggar’s Banquet Party (25 Ave B, Manhattan), 9pm, FREE: The Conductor will this time be paired with noneother than frequent DJ partner Mr. Ivan Sunshine (Berko) currently of Love as Laughter and Ghost Exits and most recently of Vietnam. Ivan likes to throw down everything from indie and classic rock to oldies and international flavours… He’s my man… If he can’t do it, Melissa can.

Thursday, Dec 13, On! Sixties Discotheque Party, Beauty Bar (231 E. 14th, Manhattan), 11pm, FREE: New York Night Train’s latest venture is a collaboration between the Soul Proprietor and walking musical encyclopedia and rock machine, the indomitable Ms. Melissa Fanni Tutti. While the soul proprietor will make only a cameo tonight, Melissa will have an extra special secret surprise guest to help her play dance music hits centered smack dab in the center of popular music’s greatest and most diverse decade and, in an attempt to channel the variety inherent in the playlists of the discotheques and radio of the era, are intent on exploring: soul, garage, mod, and freakbeat plus a dash of boogaloo, girl groups, bubblegum, frat r&b, psychedelics, discotheque, boogaloos, tropicalia, yé-yé, latin delights, etc. Get it? ON! C’mON, get ON! Get off at ON!

Friday, December 14, Ants In Yr Pants Dance Party, Savalas (285 Bedford, Williamsburg), 10pm, FREE: Whoah!!!! Can you believe it JAMES CHANCE!!! that’s right James White himself, Contortion brutha #1, along with the very stylish, energetic, and Lovable Speedball brutha #1, Ron Ward of Speedball Baby and Five Dollar Priest will be joining the Soul Proprietor behind the decks. Anyone who witnessed this terrible two at the Animal Train Party will tell you that they positively destroyed the joint. This time is extra-special because JAMES CHANCE WILL BE TOTING ALONG HIS SAXOPHONE AND PERFORMING!!!!

Saturday, December 15, Swooon Magazine Masquerade Benefit Ball at Shangri La (100 Sutton Street, Greenpoint), 9pm, $12/$15 (includes free booze all night): Mr Jonathan Toubin will be up in the boothe with DJ Sune of The Raveonettes while the mighty Stalkers headline a bill that will include Young Lords, Brightside, Jock and Austin Donohue. This multi-media specatacle will also include a fashion show, performance art, tarot and palm readings, and a lot more…

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