Friday, October 14 New York, NY – Home Sweet Home: Official Global Record Release and Listening Party for Norton Records’ “Souvenirs of the Soul Clap, Vol 5”, 9PM-10:30PM, FREE
The new LP has finally arrived! Fourteen kickin’ party platters cut at Chicago Mastering to sound like the huge original 45s and packaged in a spiffy cover with photo by Alexander Thompson and liner notes by Ian Svenonius! Free Williamsburg Pizza, cheap drinks, and discounted copies of Souvenirs 1-5 and other Norton releases available throughout the night! Come hang out! And stick around for Shakin’ All Over Soul Clap edition to commemorate this momentous occasion!
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Saturday, October 15 Palm Springs, CA Ace Hotel: Desert Trip Festival Afterparty – Soul Clap and Dance-Off with Jonathan Toubin and DJs Cole Alexander of Black Lips! Desert Trip Festival is Coachella’s classic rock weekend with performances by a distinguished convocation of nobel laureate Bob Dylan, knight Sir Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones (led by another knight), The Who (led by a knight), Roger Waters, who isn’t a knight (I googled it), and Neil Young, who dreamed he saw the knights in armor coming… Anyhow, a half hour away in the hippest outpost of the nearest city, the Soul Clap and Dance-Off is one of the myriad of afterparties for the aging audience members with the stamina to stay up late after their big day out… Also Desert Daze Festival is just down the road! Function at the junction!
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upcoming nite training:
2016halloween– Friday, October 21 New York, NY – Home Sweet Home: Shakin’ All Over Under Sideways Down! w/Jonathan Toubin

– Saturday, October 22 Chicago, IL – Hideout: NY Night Train Haunted Hop and Dance-Off, 10pm – 2am, $10
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– Friday, October 28 New York, NY – Home Sweet Home: Shakin’ All Over Under Sideways Down! w/special guests

– Friday, October 28 Austin, TX – The Barracuda – Burger City presents NY Night Train Haunted Hop

– Saturday, October 29 Los Angeles, CA – Shrine Expo Hall and Grounds: Tenacious D’s Festival Supreme with Flight of the Conchords, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Patton Oswalt, Mac DeMarco, Sarah Silverman, Will Forte, Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph, Nancy Whang, Eric Andre Live!, Wet Hot American Summer, Tim Heidecker, Jenny Slate,The Vandals, Garfunkel and Oates, DJ Douggpound, Gelmania, Brent Weinbach, Michael Carbonaro, FUFOBB feat Kyle Newacheck, IHeartComix Supershow, Jonathan Toubin, and Tenacious DJ
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– Monday, October 31 NYC – Knockdown Center – ALANA AMRAM’S MONSTER MASH + NY NIGHT TRAIN HAUNTED HOP = NYC’s two best Halloween parties join forces whenever possible and this year are boldly going where no party has gone before!, 7pm bands / 11pm dancing / all night haunted surprises, $10 ($20 without costume)
Go early your favorite bands dress up as and play songs of your favorite haunted bands – 45 Grave, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Bobby Pickett, Christian Death, The Cramps, The Damned, Danzig, Dio, King Diamond, Screamin Lord Sutch, The Mummies, Ray Parker Jr, Roky Erickson, Screamin Jay Hawkins, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Slayer, Rocky Horror Picture Show, etc! Then get down in a haunted house to Jonathan Toubin’s spookiest 45s with dancers, visuals, costume contest, Time Warp contest, creepy performance of all kinds, Josh Styles and so much more… And a cast of thousands! Plus multiple rooms of gloom! Mike Lewi’s multimedia Mad Monster Disco! Gary Balaban’s Cinema of Sin! Haunted installations galore! The elves are already hard at work building this out! Plus crazy surprises! Stay all night! It’s got everything! And, as we hit the 500 capacity before 10pm the last couple of years and so many of you got turned away, this place holds well over a thousand folks and there will be room for everyone all night. Save your energy for the real Halloween and its two legendary NYC parties banding together to raise the bar higher than ever! THRILLS, CHILLS, and FUN GALORE!
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– Friday, November 4 New York, NY – Home Sweet Home: Shakin’ All Over Under Sideways Down! w/Jonathan Toubin and DJ Cat Fancy of Soul Night

– Saturday, November 5 New Orleans, LA – Poor Boys: NY Night Train Soul Clap and Dance-Off / Thee Oh Sees Afterparty

– Super Tuesday, November 8 San Francisco – The Chapel: Jonathan Toubin Election Night Extravaganza

– Friday, November 11 New York, NY – Home Sweet Home: Shakin’ All Over Under Sideways Down! w/Jonathan Toubin, live Straight Arrows, and more!

– Saturday, November 12 Portland, Maine – Space Gallery: NY Night Train Soul Clap & Dance-Off

– Friday, November 18 New York, NY – Home Sweet Home: Shakin’ All Over Under Sideways Down! w/Jonathan Toubin

– Saturday, November 19 Hudson, NY – Half Moon: NY Night Train Soul Clap & Dance-Off

– Friday, November 25 New York, NY – Home Sweet Home: Shakin’ All Over Under Sideways Down! w/Jonathan Toubin

– Saturday, November 26 Brooklyn, NY – Market Hotel: NY Night Train Soul Clap and Dance-Off

This year’s Haunted Hop Halloween mix is up and ready for you to download or stream! A fantastic hour long journey of 25 of Jonathan Toubin‘s favorite haunted hits recorded from the DJ’s o.g. 45s

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Friday, October 7 New York, NY – Home Sweet Home: Shakin’ All Over Under Sideways Down with Jonathan Toubin, 10:30pm – 4am, $5 (FREE before 11pm):
Shake a tailfeather to Jonathan Toubin‘s most exciting 1950s/1960s “maximum rock’n’soul” hot party wax! New Orleans Mambo Boogie! Girl Groups! Garage! Rockabilly! Blues! British Invasion! Raw Soul! Mad Mike Monsters! Las Vegas Grinders! Unsung Heroes of Rock’n’Roll! The Old Weird America! A Whole Lotta Shakin’ All Over and Over all night long! A NYC institution for over 8 years and 400 nights! Get down in the basement!
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Saturday, October 8 Detroit, MI – UFO Factory: NY Night Train Soul Clap & Dance-Off
NY Night Train Soul Clap and Dance-Off, 9pm – 2am, $10:
Thee Clap returns to its Motor City Headquarters for another wild romp! Go crazy ’til 2am to JONATHAN TOUBIN’S finest o.g. 1960s soul wax! Go early for a live set by the PRUDE BOYS! Get in thee MIDNIGHT $100 DANCE-OFF with fabulous contest selector DANNY KROHA of Gories, Demolition Doll Rods, etc! Determined by a distinguished panel of judges! Get down with it!
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Hear Jonathan Toubin’s new 2016 Haunted Hop Halloween Mix!

Jonathan Toubin is up all night in his secret laboratory concocting yet another monstrous annual hour of his uncommon original 45rpm Halloween madness!

If you like this, don’t miss his multimedia Haunted Hops, where you can dance to this stuff for hours in a multimedia haunted house…
– OCT 22 CHICAGO – The HideOut
– OCT 28 AUSTIN – The Barracuda
– OCT 29 LOS ANGELES – Festival Supreme (with Tenacious D, Flight of the Conchords, Weird Al, etc)
– OCT 31 NYC – Knockdown Center – combined with ALANA AMRAM’S MONSTER MASH for a huge party with live bands going as their favorite artists, live visuals, installations, go go dancers, performance, costume contest, and of course, a haunted house!

1. Beauregarde and the Poppers “Creature Feature” (Lurch, 1975) A private press 45 of the opening theme to the Bob Wilkins’ legendary Bay Area’s “Creature Features” horror movie TV show…
2. Frank Rondell and the Chancellors “The Bat” (Fujimo, 1964) Hamilton, Ontario rockers second and final single! A blood-sucking dance gifted to me from DJ supremo Primo Pitino of San Francisco’s Oldies Night…
3. Neal Ford and the Fanatics “Shame On You” (Hickory, 1966) Houston, Texas garage rockers get psychedelic and too evil for the impending summer of love…
4. Roberto Carlos “Negro Gato” (CBS Mexico, 1969) A supremely rocking black cat howler by one of the top Brazilian pop stars ever.
5. Unknown, “Goon River” (Peter Pan, 1973) A killer track hidden deep inside the Peter Pan children’s E.P. “Witch Doctor”…
6. Terry Teen “The Hearse” (Gemini, 1962) Later privately re-released as “Curse of The Hearse,” this is the second single by the career clown who went on to help create Ronald McDonald and write books about the art of clowning…
7. Satan and Deciples “Mummie’s Curse” (Goldband, 1968) Mysterious unknown novelty band with poor spelling skills, presumably from somewhere near Lake Charles, Louisiana, are cursed to forever play this song
8. The Verdicts with Al Browne Orch. “The Mummy’s Ball” (East Coast, 1961) Bed Stuy, Brooklyn street corner doo woppers’ sole single tells the story about a dance party at the mummy’s house where Frankenstein steps on the host’s foot and the whole place explodes into a knock-down-drag-out…
9. Dr. Shock “The Bloody” (Cougar, 1970) the B-Side to Philadelphia horror host Dr. Shock’s theme 45 “Let There Be Fright” is “a dance started centuries ago in a psychedelic graveyard where the monsters used to go.” DO THE BLOODY!
10. The Sherwoods “El Scorpion” (Maggie, 1961) A Spanish-tinged New York surf instrumental with a venomous sting…
11. The Connoissurs “Count Macabre” (M-P, 1963) The second misspelled Louisiana band name on this mix, The Connoissurs, led by 20-year old DynaTones vocalist Frankie Radosta, recorded their only single as a tribute to Baton Rouge horror host Count Macabre. I nabbed this from thee fabulous Action Pat of Miami’s Southernmost Soul Party…
12. Geoffrey Holder “The Bottle Imp” (Vik, 1957) A calypso by Trinidadian Metropolitan Ballet dancer, Broadway actor, and movie star (Baron Samedi in “Live and Let Die”!), about a boy who finds a bottle with the devil inside…
13. Diablito “The Jungle” (Parkway, 1961) Diablito’s only record is the wildest and most exciting romp on this side of “Watusi Zombi”!
14. Griz Green “Creepy Willy” (Blue River, 1965) A spooky obscurity by a former miner who later became known as a western folk singer/songwriter and then cooked up this Halloween novelty…
15. Miss L.L. Louise Lewis “Monster Miss” (Skyway, 1962) A pounding novelty romp from the actress of “Blood of Dracula” and “I Was A Teenage Werewolf”…
16. Andre Scott “Shadow Knows” (Neely, ?) Shady lo fi funky soul 45 on an unknown label by an unknown vocalist. There was an Andre Scott with a single on Chicago’s equally obscure Sunflower label. Maybe the same?
17. Magnificent Montague “The Breather” (1958) Creepy surrealism from the famous r&b DJ whose trademark catchphrase “Burn, Baby! BURN!” became the rallying cry for the Watts riots.
18. King Horror “Dracula” (Joe, 1969) The enigmatic vocals on this skinhead reggae rarity could be Laurel Aitken, Young Growler, or Lloyd the Matador?
19. Count Stephen “Spooky” (Marlin, 1961) Prolific Rochester, NY entertainer Steve Alaimo made some eccentric records on his way up including this one where he’s a beatnik getting spooked in this haunted house…
20. The Olympics “The Boogler (Part 1)” (Duo Disc, 1964) A year before tenor Charles Fizer was gunned down in the Watts Riots on his way to band practice, the originators of “Good Lovin’” and the Hully Gully craze laid down this monster jam at the peak of their powers!
21. Curtis Knight “Voodoo Woman” (Gulf, 1961) A few years before teaming up with Jimi Hendrix, Curtis Knight cut his first solo record – begging the voodoo woman to bring his lover back to him…
22. Diane Maxwell “Love Charms” (Challenge, 1958) While we’re casting spells in the name of love, here’s one of the better versions of “Love Charms” and a killer recording to boot…
23. Lord Luther with The Kingsmen “(I Was) A Teenage Creature” (Frantic, 1958) Lord Luther post-4 Deuces tears into prolific singer/songwriter/poet Ric Masten’s monstrous lyrics…
24. The Tinglers “The Tingler” (Col Pix, 1959) A creepy studio band harmonize a la Four Blobs on this commercial flop that was the official theme to this Vincent Price horror classic.
25. Hank Levine and the Blazers “Midnight” (PRI, 1960) The exclamation point at the end of this mix is this legendary arranger/band leader’s restrained Theremin crawler

hear the six more of the annual Halloween mixes here


Friday, September 30 New York, NY – Home Sweet Home: Shakin’ All Over Under Sideways Down! w/Jonathan Toubin
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Saturday, October 1 Pittburgh, PA Spirit Lodge: NY Night Train Soul Clap & Dance-Off
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Home Sweet Home 10th Anniversary! What A Way To Die 60s Garage Rock Party! Shakin’ All Over w/JT and London’s Ben Olins…

Thursday, September 22 New York, NY – Home Sweet Home: 10th Anniversary party with Jonathan Toubin, Vito of The Rapture, Caleb Braaten of Sacred Bones Records, Pieter Schoolworth of Wierd Records, and more…, 10pm – 4am, FREE
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Thursday, September 22 Brooklyn, NY – The Grand Bar and Grill (647 Grand, Williamsburg): What a Way to Die 60s Garage Punk Vinyl Party with Ben Olins (London), Todd O Phonic Todd (WFMU), Josh Styles (Daddy Long Legs), and a cameo by Jonathan Toubin, 10:30pm – 2am, FREE
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Friday, September 23 New York, NY – Home Sweet Home: Shakin’ All Over Under Sideways Down! w/Jonathan Toubin and Ben Olins (London’s Stag O Lee Preservation Society and Drinking Club / Herb Lester), 10:30pm – 4am, $5
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Friday, September 16 New York, NY – Home Sweet Home: Shakin’ All Over Under Sideways Down! w/Jonathan Toubin
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Saturday, September 17 Brooklyn – Market Hotel: NY Night Train SOUL CLAP & DANCE-OFF, 8pm – 2am, ALL AGES, $10:
– 9pm GET THERE EARLY for live DADDY LONG LEGS and RHINESTONE (Ziemba’s goes country!)!
– 11pm GET DOWN to the 45rpm 1960s soul magic of JONATHAN TOUBIN accompanied by the NY NIGHT TRAIN SHADOW DANCERS!
— 1st place: $100 CASH! 2nd place: $75 shopping spree at Metropolis Vintage!
— With MC Steve Myers
— determined by a distinguished panel of judges:
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Monday, September 18 Union Pool: A Very Vince Anderson Birthday Spectacular with Reverend Vince and the Love Choir, Jonathan Toubin, and special guests! 10:30PM – 3AM, FREE (donations encouraged!)
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Friday, September 9 New York, NY – Home Sweet Home: Shakin’ All Over Under Sideways Down with Mick Collins of Gories and Dirtbombs and guest DJ Vashti Windish
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and meanwhile, across the ocean…

Thursday, September 8 Vienna, Austria – FLUC: Royal Rumble Dance Night #4 with Jonathan Toubin and Ana Threat
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Friday, September 9 Prague, Czech Republic – Cafe V Lese: Soul Clap and Dance-Off with Jonathan Toubin
facebook event)

Saturday, September 10 Liege, Belgium – Sioux Festival: Jonathan Toubin DJ set
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Friday, September 2 New York, NY – Home Sweet Home: Shakin’ All Over Under Sideways Down with dj JOSH STYLES and REYES RODRIGUEZ, 10:30pm – 4am, $5 (FREE before 11pm):
NYNT’s weekly 1950s/1960s “maximum rock’n’soul” dirty dance party! This week resident DJ Jonathan Toubin is on tour in Europe but is leaving you in the hands of el DJ supremo Josh Styles of Daddy Long Legs / Rebel Rouser etc! And as an added bonus, get excited for a couple of sets from Norton Records’ fabulous El Paso Rocker Reyes Rodriguez! A lot of folks you don’t see every day hop out of the woodwork on Labor Day weekend, so pop by and get in on a weird one… Get down in the basement!
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and meanwhile, across the pond…

Friday, September 2 Portmeirion, Wales – Festival No. 6: Jonathan Toubin 8pm DJ set then late night dance party

Saturday, September 3 Larmer Tree Gardens, UK – End of The Road Festival: Soul Clap and Dance-Off with Jonathan Toubin

Sunday, September 4 Larmer Tree Gardens, UK – End of The Road Festival: Jonathan Toubin DJ Set

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