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"The most-liked man in the soul music scene" (Rolling Stone)

"New York’s best DJ" (VICE)

"Particularly chic… one of the most popular spinners in Williamsburg and the founder of the New York Night Train dance parties. His fare is already cleaner and more appreciative of American pop music history than much of the rest." (NY Times)

New York Night Train's Jonathan Toubin making out with a fish-head by Eleanor LoganNEW YORK NIGHT TRAIN is the party machine of Jonathan Toubin! Changing the world one wild 45rpm hoodang at a time, the dynamic international DJ/nightlife visionary is spicing up life by prompting rock and roll fans to dance again and simultaneously offering a more extciting and exquisite "maximum rock and soul" alternative to the music typically spun at night clubs, music festivals, discos, raves, loft parties, etc.

In just seven years, Jonathan Toubin — rock and soul 45 DJ and proprietor of the New York Night Train brand party production enterprise — has charted a career that is culturally and commercially unparalleled. With a visionary take on nightlife and an obsessively curated collection of obscure 7-inch records, he has sold out clubs and performed at major rock concerts and festivals around the world. Though known for the burning immediacy of his "maximum rock and soul" sets at the weekly Shakin’ All Over Under Sideways Down dance, his instructional Land of 1000 Dances spectacle, his elaborately grandious multi-media worldwide "Happenings", and other trademark parties, Toubin’s take on 1960s soul music, the Soul Clap and Dance-Off, has left the biggest footprint on contemporary urban nightlife and put Mr. T on the map as soul man.

Working over 1600 gigs the last seven years, Jonathan Toubin has managed to keep one wingtip in the counter-culture from which he emerged (punk bars, DIY basements, loft parties, art galleries, rock venues, and shady afterhours spots) while crossing over to dance clubs, prestigious festivals, boutique hotels, museums, ivy league colleges, fashion parties, arena pop/rock shows, raves, and even headlinging his second gig at Lincoln Center. Toubin continues to play the world’s most infamous dives and rock clubs while garnering press in highbrow publications and receiving nominations for nightlife awards from the fancier side of culture in the process. He also has a couple of live mixes available on Burger Records and a few upcoming compilations on Sacred Bones and Norton

Jonathan Toubin conceived the Soul Clap and Dance-Off in March 2007 as a monthly outlet to play his growing collection of soul 45s to a small north Brooklyn underground art/rock social community in the spirit of 1990s indie/punk scene parties. He added a brief dance-contest to the mix to make the event more interesting. As this humble makeshift neighborhood underdog evolved into an institution, Mr. T employed the party’s popularity as a weapon against tired hit nights, 80s nights, and other mediocre contemporary dance culture – offering an alternative in the possibility of dancing to exciting music most of us have never heard before with the unparalled sound of the original recordings. The epic size, frequency, and geographical breadth of the Soul Clap the last few years has been a seed for a new wave of soul dance culture among indie rockers, punks, and hipsters first in Brooklyn, next in Manhattan, and, within two years, around the world – inspiring slews of imitators and developing new nightlife economies everywhere from Portland, ME to Portland, OR, from Canada to Mexico and even as far away as the Middle East.

DAVID JOHANSEN AS JONATHAN TOUBIN'S GUEST DJ AT HOME SWEET HOMEWhen Jonathan Toubin began regularly DJing punk and garage rock weekly at the Lower East Side’s infamous Motor City Bar in October 2006, he was a small record label-ownerand a musician in the middle of finishing up his graduate thesis and paying rent with as a writer. Within a year, Toubin had become a full-time professional DJ/party promoter – working nightly around New York mixing in eclectic genres (psych, punk, reggae, etc.) with the garage, rockabilly, doo wop, r&b, and soul sounds that he’s best known for today. Casting aside mp3s, CDs, and eventually LPs once he began hitting dance spots, he stepped up to the challenge of spinning exclusively the biggest and baddest musical medium ever, the 45rpm vinyl record. Switching to an all 45 format not only meant spending all of his time and hard-earned cash obtaining his favorite records, but also taking a step back in his repertoire for a spell. The gamble, the expense, and the hard work rapidly paid off – New York Night Train’s nightly 7-inch ragers quickly became the stuff of legend from Brooklyn to the Bowery.

Playing to dancers instead of collectors, cutting $5 commoners with $500 rarities with strategic pitching, sequencing, EQ-ing, and transitioning, Mr T distinguished his sets from typical 45 DJs by focusing on juxtaposition of beats and developing a playfully unique selection aesthetic. In the process he also stood in contrast to the hit-players and computer jocks on the other end of culture by playing uncommon supreme music on all-original vinyl. Years of nightly gigging in a variety of settings offered NYNT’s conductor a huge advantage over his peers in that his labor also served as an infinite laboratory regarding the subtleties of how, without spinning obvious material, to make a variety of cultures and subcultures dance together – uniting even the squarest weekend dance floors under the undeniable power of his live improvised mixes of real deal records.

In addition to its notorious dance contest, New York Night Train parties have been made even more interesting by including noteable guest DJs, live music, visuals, and performance to the mix. Andrew WK, Black Lips, Dum Dum Girls, King Khan and the BBQ and King Khan and the Shrines, the Oh Sees, Quintron and Ms Pussycat, Charles Bradley, The Gories, Sky Saxon, La La Brooks of the Crystals, Wreckless Eric, Reigning Sound, and dozens and dozens more have played at NYNT parties. In addition to practically every major American 45 DJ of note, the parties have also featured guest DJs from across music: Calvin Johnson (Beat Happening), Danny Kroha and Mick Collins (The Gories), David Johansen (New York Dolls), Genesis P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle), Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers), Ian Svenonius (Make-Up), James Chance (Contortions), Jared Swiley and Cole Alexander (Black Lips), Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedy’s), Jon Spencer (Pussy Galore), Kembra Pfahler (Veloptuous Horror of Karen Black), Kyp Malone (TV on the Radio), Moses Archuleta (Deerhunter), Sean Yseult (White Zombie), Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and many more. Finally, outside of his own parties, Jonathan as a DJ has shared bills with Black Keys, Bon Iver, Dinosaur Jr, Erykah Badu, Faith No More, F*cked Up, Interpol, Jack White, Kool Herc, LCD Soundsystems, MGMT, MIA, Mission of Burma, Odd Future, Rick Ross, Silver Apple, Ty Segall, Vivian Girls, and hundreds of other notablebands and DJs. An eclectic mix to say the least.

ny night train's new polyglot discotheque partyDecember 7, 2011, while Toubin was on tour in Portland, OR, a runaway cab crashed through his first-floor hotel room – running him over and landing on his chest. In critical condition and sedated in the ICU for over a month, the soul proprietor’s friends and fans around the United States took action – throwing him dozens of benefits everywhere from New York to Los Angeles and Detroit to New Orleans – featuring everyone from Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Ty Segall to Maragaret Cho. Many operations and months of physical therapy later, New York Night Train’s conducter proved that he would not let 26 major injuries bring him down – making his public debut as the surprise DJ for Jack White’s show at Webster Hall April 27 (less than five months after the accident!).

The dawn of 2104 finds Jonathan Toubin every Friday at Shakin’ All Over Under Sideways Down at the Lower East Side’s Home Sweet Home, monthly third Saturdays at the Soul Clap and Dance-Off at Brooklyn Bowl, and othe rThursdays and Saturday around North America and Europe. In January for the first time ever look for New York Night Train’s conductor in New Zealand and Australia. Burger Records released two of his mixes and 2013 and 2014 will see more from them as well as compilations are on Sacred Bones and Norton.

Jonathan Toubin/NY Night Train Current Reoccuring Parties:

- Soul Clap and Dance-Off (2007-present) – 3rd Saturday of every month in New York ( Brooklyn Bowl – formerly at Glasslands) plus on the road dozens of dates annually. North America’s most popular soul party and still growing…

– Shakin’ All Over Under Sideways Down! (2008 – present) – Fridays at Home Sweet Home – "maximum rock and soul" dancing every Friday night – a format of screaming r&b, pounding garage, and chugging early rock’n'roll! This popular weekly institution features Jonathan Toubin and guest DJs including rock stars like David Johansen, Jon Spencer, etc, and DJ legends like Fine Wine, Howie Pyro, etc. Plus occasional live performances by the likes of Wreckless Eric, Kid Congo Powers, etc.

– Haunted Hop (2006 – present) – NY Night Train’s annual Halloween jam with all original horror 45s all night, decor, bands, go go, and more!

– Land of 1000 Dances (2011 – present) – randomly at prestigious venues like Le Poisson Rouge, South Street Seaport, 92 Y, etc. Many years in the making in terms of research and development, this is a dance party that is also a dance class – where you can learn the dance craze steps of the 1960s while you get down. Dance demonstrators show you the moves and visuals give you the cues while Mr. JT lays down the original recordings for you to pony like bonie maronie, hitch hike across the floor, pass the bug, and kill that roach…

– New York Night Train Happening (2007 – present) andomly in NYC and on the road – visuals by Spencer Bewley, go go dancing by Anna Copa Cabanna, DJ-ing by Jonathan Toubin and guests – plus live bands and performance artists – a more elegant Exploding Plastic Inevitable for our times w/guest performers like HEALTH, King Khan & the BBQ, Quintron and Ms. Pussycat, Chain and the Gang, Calvin Johnson, Gibby Haynes, etc etc etc…

– Polyglot Discotheque (2009 – present) – randomly at Secret Project Robot, Live With Animals, and Zebulon on the west coast – featuring dancing to trippy international 60s freakbeat, psych, etc w/Toubin and Josh Styles (Smashed! Blocked!), visuals, go go dancers, etc.

– Boogie Night (2010 – present) – randomly – an exclusively electric boogie and blues get-down featuring Jonathan Toubin and a live band

– James Brown Night (2011 – present) – randomly, James Chance and the J.C.’s, Charles Bradley as Black Velvet and others play all James Brown covers live and Jonathan Toubin turns hours of original 45s written, produced, and/or performed by James Brown…

– Animal Print Party (2013 – present) – randomly, everyone wears jungle print! The people become the decor and Jonathan Toubin takes you around the world with exclusively1950s/1960s exotic rock and roll for dancing.

Former Residencies:
– 2006 – 2011: NY Night Train Wednesdays – Motor City Bar (weekly)
– 2011: Sit-Down Soul – Ace Hotel (weekly)
– 2011: Summer Soul (randomly – at outdoor locations around NYC)
– 2010: Rocks Off Cruises presente NY Night Train’s Ya Ya Yacht – The Half-Moon (monthly)
– 2008 – 2010: Thursday Thump – Enid’s (weekly – curated but not regularly DJ-ed by Jonathan Toubin)
– 2007 – 2009: Boogaloo Shampoo – Beauty Bar Manhattan/Brooklyn (weekly)
– 2007 – 2009: Animal Train Happening – Glasslands (monthly)
– 2008: Secret Santo and Declassified – Santos’ Party House (weekly)
– 2007 – 2008: Ants in Your Pants Dance Party – Savalas (weekly)
– 2007: Loose Caboose – Club Midway (weekly)

New York Night Train throws parties featuring Jonathan Toubin and guest DJs like: Beyonda (I’ve Got a Hole In My Soul) – Billy Miller and Miraim Linna (Norton Records) – Brian DeGraw (Gang Gang Dance) – Calvin Johnson (Beat Happening, Dub Narcotic, etc) – Cole Alexander (Black Lips) – Dale Crover (The Melvins) – Danny Kroha (The Gories) – David Johansen (New York Dolls, etc) – Don Bolles (The Germs, 45 Grave, etc.) – Dusty Sparkles (Danava) – Eleanor Friedburger – Frankie Rose (Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts, Dum Dum Girls, etc.) – Gabriel Roth (Dap-Tone Records, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings) – Genesis P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV) – Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers) – Greg Cartwright (Reigning Sound) – Howie Pyro (Intoxica Radio, Danzig, D-Generation, The Blessed, etc) – Ian Svenonius (Make-Up, Nation of Ulysses, Chain and the Gang, etc) – Ivan Sunshine (Hidden Fees) – James Chance (The Contortions), James White and the Blacks) – Jared Swiley (Black Lips) - Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedy’s etc) – Jim Sclavunos (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Grinderman, etc) – Jon Spencer (Blues Explosion, Pussy Galore, etc) – Josh Styles (Smashed! Blocked!) – Kid Congo Powers (Gun Club, Cramps, etc) – Kembra Pfahler (Veloptuous Horror of Karen Black) – Kyp Malone (TV on the Radio) – Marky Ramone – Matt Pinfield – Moses Archuleta (Deerhunter) – Mr. Fine Wine (WFMU’s Downtown Soulville) – Nick Waterhouse – Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) - Phast Phreddie (Backdoor Man, Subway Soul, etc) – Primo (Oldies Night) – Sammy Yaffa (New York Dolls, Hanoi Rocks) – Sean Yseult (White Zombie) - $mall Change - Steve Krakow (Plastic Crimewave Sound) – The Shins – Tim Kerr (Big Boys, Poison 13, Monkeywrench, Jack of Fire, Lord High Fixers, etc.) – Tim Warren (Crypt Records) – Todd-O-Phonic Todd (WFMU, Telstar, Candy, and Satan Records) – Tony Sylvester (Turbo Negro) – Ty Segall

New York Night Train throws parties featuring DJ Jonathan Toubin and live acts like: …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead (2-piece hardcore lineup) – A-Bones – Apache – April March – A.R.E. Weapons – Andrew WK – Awesome Color – Beets – Black Lips – Black Time – Blank Dogs – Bloodshot Bill – Brimstone Howl – Calvin Johnson – Chain and the Gang – Cheap Time – Crystal Stilts – Daddy Long Legs – Danny Kroha – Death Set – Delicate Steve – Digital Leather – Drones – Dum Dum Girls – El Vez – Endless Boogie – Excepter – Frankie Rose – Fresh and Onlys – Garotas Suecas – Golden Triangle – Grass Widow – Greg Ashley – HEALTH – Heavy Trash – Homosexuals - Human Eye – Hunters – Indian Jewelry – Intelligence – James Chance – Julee Cruise – K-Holes – Kid Congo and the Pink Monkeybirds – King James and the Special Men – King Khan and the BBQ – King Khan and the Shrines – La Luz – Mac DeMarco – Mark Sultan – Mika Miko – Mikal Cronin – Mungo Jerry – Nick Waterhouse – Night Beats – No Bra – Notekillers – Oh Sees – Pink Reason – Psychic Ills – Psychedelic Horseshit – Pterodactyl – Quintron and Ms Pussycat – Reigning Sound – Screaming Females – Shannon and the Clams – Sky "Sunlight" Saxon – The Slits – So Cow – Spits – Stalkers – Strange Boys – Suckers – Surfer Blood – Talk Normal – Thalia Zedek – Turbo Fruits – Velcro Lewis – Vietnam -Vockah Redu – Wreckless Eric – Young Jessie

Jonathan Toubin also DJs at shows of artists like: Black Keys – Black Lips – Black Mountain – Bleached – Bon Iver – Boyd Rice – The Contortions – Davilla 666 – Death From Above 1979 (DFA) – Dinosaur Jr – Erykah Badu – Faith No More – F*cked Up – Gang Gang Dance – The Go – Glass Candy – HEALTH - Interpol – Jack White – Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Katy Red – Kendrick Lamar – King Khan and the BBQ – King Khan and the Shrines – Killer Mike – LCD Soundsystems – Les Savy Fav – The Men – MGMT – MIA – Mission of Burma – Monotonix – Monsters – Nicole Atkins – Oblivians – Odd Future – Off – Ponytailt – Reigning Sound – Rick Ross – Savages – Spank Rock – Ty Segall – Vivian Girls – White Fence – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zeros

Jonathan Toubin has shared the DJ booth at non-NYNT events with: Andy Rourke (The Smiths) – Cosmo Baker (The Rub) – Devendra Banhardt – House of House (DFA) – Jake (The Casualties) – James Murphy (LCD Soundsystems) – Kool Herc (father of Hip-Hop music) – Paul Banks (Interpol) – Paul Ryder (The Happy Mondays) – Pieter Schoolwerth (Wierd Records) – Ryan Schreiber (editor/founder – Pitchfork Media) – Simeon Coxe (Silver Apples) – Vito and Druzzi (The Rapture)

Jonathan Toubin DJs at festivals/special events like: 4 Knots (NYC) – 35 Denton (Denton, TX) – All Tomorrow’s Party’s (Camber Sands, UK, London, Monticello, NY, NYC) – Art Basel (Miami – annually) – Brooklyn Brewery Mash (worldwide) – Bruise Cruise (Miami/The Bahamas) – Burger Boogaloo (Oakland) – Calgary Stampede (Calgary) – Chaos in Tejas (Austin) – CMJ (NYC) – Fashion Week (NYC) – First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum (NYC)- Fun Fun Fun (Austin) – Gonerfest (Memphis) – Guilty Party Boat Cruise (Venice) – Le Guess Who (Utrecht, Netherlands) – Lucha VaVoom (East Coast Dates) – M for Montreal (Montreal) – Mardi Gras (New Orleans and Mobile) – Lincoln Center Midsummer Night Swing (NYC) – Music Fest NW (Portland, OR) – Nuits Sonores (Lyons, France) – NXNW (Toronto) – Pitchfork Festival (Chicago) – Ponderosa Stomp (New Orleans) – Pop Montreal – Savannah Stopover (Savannah, GA) – Sled Island (Calgary) – SXSW (Austin – annually, JT is the only DJ with his own official all-night dance party!) – Vice Scion Garage Rock Festival (Portland, OR) – WFMU Record Fair (NYC)

Jonathan Toubin Press Pics

Mr. Jonathan Toubin Press Pics

JONATHAN TOUBIN portrait by alexander thompson
web jpeg
300 dpi print image
by Alexander Thompson (

  Jonathan Toubin doin' his own swim by Alexander Thompson
web jpeg
300 dpi print image
by Alexander Thompson (
Jonathan toubin puts on his shads by alexander thompson
web jpeg
300 dpi print image
by Alexander Thompson (

JT Jumps! by Alexander Thompson!
web jpeg
300dpi print image
by Alexander Thompson (

Jonathan Toubin spins the Soul Clap by James Jones 2012
web jpeg
300 dpi print image
by James Jones(


Soul Clap & Dance-Off May 2012 NYC by James
web jpeg
300dpi print image
by James Jones(

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