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Viva l'American Death Ray Music
In the Meantime


Kid Congo
and the Pink Monkey Birds
Philosophy & Underwear


Grand Mal
Love Is The Best Con In Town


Kid Congo Powers
Solo Cholo


MC Trachiotomy
featuring Quintron
Rowdy Life


Dimestore Ensemble



Buy both Kid Congo Powers' Solo Cholo and Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds' Philosophy and Underwear together for only $20 - shipping is included! buy now


Kid CongoBack from France and Playing First Brooklyn Show in Almost Two Years
Kid Congo and the Pink Monkeybirds, who just returned this week from a French jaunt that included an appearance at the Nuits Sonores festival alongside the likes of The Raincoats, Violent Femmes, Chicks on Speed, Stereo Total, etc., will play their first New York gig in more than four months at Williamsburg’s Glasshouse Gallery on May 8, 2007. Since embarking upon an endless trek back and forth across the United States and Europe last Fall in support of his critically acclaimed solo debut, Philosophy and Underwear, and his compilation, Solo Cholo, and moving to Washington, DC around the same time, underground guitar legend Powers rarely performs in New York. His band, the Pink Monkeybirds is currently a trio including drummer Danny Hole (Warlocks, Nikki Sudden) and bassist Kiki Solas (Rhythm of Black Lines, Knife in the Water). The bill also includes Parisian noise rockers Dimi Dero, local Aussie pain’t peelers Woman, and Awesome Color side project Used to Be Women.

S-S-S-Spectres EP Available now!
The S-S-S-Spectres celebrated the release of their new EP, Sea Potentia Divina, on Friday night at Williamsburg's Glasslands Gallery alongside Pterodactyl, Print, Cause for Applause, and the New York Night Train DJ's. For now you can buy their record here and soon you'll be able to locate copies in stores and on online MP3 sellers.

S-S-S-Spectres S-S-S-Signing
New York Night Train is proud to announce that we've added local post-post-post-punk sensations S-S-S-Spectres to our prestigious roster. Their debut EP, Sea Potentia Divina, is scheduled for release in early March. For those still unaware, this bouncy trio of scene vets create a unique dissonance that sits somewhere between NY no wave murky-jerkyness, Providence angular disco, and UK classic dance punk. The quirky vocal arrangements are unlike anything you've ever heard. The official release party will be at the Glasslands Gallery on March 2 and the record will be in stores on March 8. Climb on board.

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds Rap Up US Tour and Embark Upon European Tour, Grand Mal Vice TV Taping, S-S-S-Spectres Sign On For NYNT EP

NYNT's First Anniversary! NYNT @ CMJ! NYNT DJ Nights, etc... Kid Congo and MC Trachiotomy on Tour! VLADRM Vinyl Final-ly Here!
First, this operation (NYNT) is a year old on Halloween, which means that there'll bea wild shindig at sub-Tonic. Our favorite DJ, Name Names (Ian Svenonious of Weird War World) is coming to NYC to spin from 10PM to 4AM. MC Trachiotomy and Lefty Parker from New Orleans are going to perform and there're going to be plenty of surprise guests.... Next, on November 1, there'll be a shin-dig at Rocks in Your Head Records with Hopewell, Grand Mal, Damon McMahon, The Jealous Girlfriends, and Voyager One. On November 3, there'll be yet another at PassOut Records with Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds, MC Trachiotomy, Dimestore Dance Band, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, Falcon and the Snowman, and First Twilight Congress. NYNT's also been hosting weekly DJ events at Motor City. The first week was Bob Bert. Last week was Curtis Brown (Bad Wizard) and Gibby Haynes. Next week will be Kid Congo Powers. Next week a secret surprise. And the next Vietnam. All of these NYNT events are absolutely FREE to the public....

In tour news, Kid Congo has just rapped up his East Coast and Midwestern tours - and is getting ready to spend November on the West Coast and start his European Tour. MC Trachiotomy is out in the South and East Coast and will be in New York for CMJ - then off to the Midwest and South. Here are the dates.

Also, Kid Congo and Grand Mal's records are finally beginning to see a little bit of press, courtesy of Fanatic PR. Check both bands NYNT artist pages for more and look for upcoming reviews in Mojo, Pitchfork, Uncut, and other fine publications internationally.

Speaking of Trachiotomy, his collaboration with Mr. Quintron, Rowdy Life, has been held up at the pressing plant due to sampling issues. We're currently waiting for MGM to clear a sample from Night of the Hunter. If you know anyone who can help in this regard, please get in touch. Finally, Viva l'American Death Ray Music's In the Meantime... LPs, and all three covers have finally arrived in New York and are being assembled as we speak. Feel free to order away. For those of you whol preordered, thanks for your patience.

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkeybirds... on tour now! Viva l'American Death Ray Music at clubs and in stores later this month.
Tomorrow, guitar legend Kid Congo Powers embarks upon his first tour as a bandleader with his Pink Monkey Birds. The group, as always, features New York guitar ace Jack Martin (Knoxville Girls, Honeymoon Killers, Dimestore Dance Band, etc), but also now includes Kiki Solis (Knife in the Water, Rhythm of Black Lines) and Danny Hole (Nikki Sudden, The Warlocks, etc.). The new line-up really kills. They're going all over the place so check Kid's page for a show near you! Go here for the dates. In other good news Viva l'American Death Ray Music is doing their first US shows since SXSW starting with a release party for their latest ...In The Meantime in New York on September 21. Go here for the dates. The new platter, while their most paced and artistically ambitious yet, is also their rawest, grooviest, and most minimal. The CDs are now available here and you can pre-order both the standard vinyl and the two limited edition hand-screened covers as well (The official release is September 21).

New York Night Train Presents... Ian Svenonius and Calvin Johnson
Ian Svenonius will be in town promoting his new collection of essays, The Psychic Soviet, on August 21 and 22, 2006. To celebrate, he'll be DJ-ing two FREE parties with his
comrade and co-conspirator Calvin Johnson at Monkeytown and sub-Tonic... more info

New York Night Train releases for digital download
Kid Congo Powers' Solo Cholo compilation and Grand Mal's Love Is the Best Con In Town are both now available via iTunes, eMusic, and other stores.

Viva l'American Death Ray Music, In the Meantime... NOW!!!
Web-only exclusive copies of the CD version of Viva l'American Death Ray Music's long awaited return to recording, In the Meantime..., has just arrived at our headquarters. The LP will be ready in another month. The official release date is September 1, but, until then, copies can be had here... and NOW... Adopt one now - it loves to give puppy kisses.

Kid Congo Powers National Tour Dates
Legendary noise guitar slinger Kid Congo Powers will be touring the United States with his band The Pink Monkey Birds for the first time ever this fall. They will be covering the east coast, west coast, and midwest from September to November. For dates, go here, for more information, Leafy Green Booking.

NYNT summer/fall releases

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds' Philosophy and Underwear and Grand Mal's Love Is the Best Con In Town both see their official national releases August 1. Viva l'American Death Ray Music's In the Mean Time CD/LP, MC Trachiotomy and Quintron's Rowdy Life limited edition 12" EP, and the Dimestore Ensemble's self-titled debut are all ready complete and in various stages of manufacture. Though none will be officially available until the fall, by the end of July we should have some pre-release web-only copies. Look for Trachiotomy and Quintron's Ratsliveonevilstar CD and a Vietnam single in the late Fall.

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