Pt 2

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This is Part 2 of Kid Congo Powers' autobiogrpahical discussion with New York Night Train from October 19 and 20, 2005. Again you will find both MP3s and text transcriptions of the material.

7. “City of Refuge”: Berlin and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (1986 – 1990)

Kid discusses his years as a member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: moving to Berlin, joining the band, the filming of Wim Wenders' Wings of Desire, touring, recording Tender Prey, the filming of the Uli Schupel documentary The Road to God Knows Where, getting clean, moving back to London, recording The Good Son in Rio, the collapse of the Berlin Wall, and his departure from the band.

8. “Please Come Home”: The Gun Club, Pt. 3 (1987– 1988)

Kid discusses the The Gun Club's Mother Juno era:
reuniting the band, recording Mother Juno, recording at Hansa Studios in Berlin, recording with Robin Guthrie, working with cover artist by Claus Castenskiold, touring Europe and the United States, returning to Los Angeles, and witnessing an infamous 1988 riot in Athens the night before a scheduled show by The Gun Club.

9. "Black Hole": The Gun Club Pt. 4 (1989 - 1996)

Kid discusses his final years with The Gun Club:
recording Pastoral Hide and Seek, touring in the early 1990s, recording the Divinity EP, quitting The Gun Club, Jeffrey Lee Pierce's move to Los Angeles
and final years, the last Gun Club reunion concerts, and the death of Jeffrey Lee Pierce.

10. " Music to Remember Him By": Solo, Die Haut, Congo Norvell and the emergence of Kid Congo Powers as a singer and songwriter (1988 - 1998)

Kid discusses his becoming a singer and a songwriter with Die Haut, Congo Norvell, and on his own: singing and writing lyrics for Die Haut's Headless Body in Topless Bar and Head On, Die Haut's star-studded Sweat tour, recording his solo EP In the Heat of the Night, meeting Sally Norvell, forming Congo Norvell, recording their first EP and the Music to Remember Him By LP, losing a battle with Priority Records, moving to New York, and recording Abnormals Anonymous.

11. "Guitar Man": Collaborations and Guest Appearances

Kid discusses a few if his numerous side-projects:
The Butcher Shop with Tex Perkins, Barry Adamson's Moss Side Story, Mark Eitzel's solo albums, producing The Factory Press - who would become Calla, touring with Make-Up, assorted projects with Botanica, and recording and performing with Angels of Light.

12. "NYC Briefcase Blues": Knoxville Girls

Kid discusses his years with New York garage rock supergroup Knoxville Girls:
playing on the self-titled debut album, joining the band, touring, recording In a Paper Suit, and the band's breakup.

13. "Why D'ya Do It?": Khan and Julee Cruise

Kid discusses playing with Khan solo, Kid and Khan, and Julee Cruise:
forming Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds, meeting Khan, singing on his Matador LP No Comprendo, becoming a full-time band, the beginning and ending of their relationship, recording Bad English, making the Washing Machine EP, collaborating with Khan and Julee Cruise, and collaborating with Julee Cruise solo.

14. "Black Bag": Kid Congo and the Pink Monkeybirds

Kid discusses his current primary project Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds:
forming Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds, various band line-ups, his concepts in creating the band, guitar hero Jack Martin, recording Philosophy and Underwear, underground diva Little Annie, working with Captain Comatose, the upcoming compilation Solo Cholo, and plans for 2006.


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