Kid Congo Powers
Cramps Scrapbook

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Kid Congo Powers' 1981 Cramps Scrapbook

Kid Congo Powers was kind enought to share a few pages from a scrapbook he kept from 1980 to 1981 when he first joined The Cramps. There's all kinds of good stuff here - all thrown into a punk collage - Poloroids, ads, newspaper clippings, random notes, and more. These are fairly high resolution so they may take a minute to load.
SCRAPBOOK PAGE 1, from 1980 contains a General Admission ticket stub to the first Urgh! A Music War concert and a promo picture of the band from a local paper recommending the show. X and the Dead Kennedys, both of whom also played the show, are also mentioned. Kid has also cut out two more Cramps show recommendation, one from Pasadena and another with Tav Falco - from North Ridge.
SCRAPBOOK PAGE 2 is from Halloween 1981. One of the best pages, it contains a Polaroid of Kid and Jeffrey Lee Pierce in drag. Another of Poison Ivy Rorschach. And a press clip announcing that Slash records was to release a Gun Club album and asking who will be the new Gun Club guitarist now that Brian Tristan (Kid) has moved on to The Cramps.
SCRAPBOOK PAGE 4, also from Leeds in 1981, has a Polaroid of Kid making faces with Chris Guido with a cut-out that says "Popular Mexican," a TV guide clipping for Dracula vs Frankenstein, and the self-portrait Polaroid that graces the front cover of this months New York Night Train - next to it Kid scrawls, "End of the Evening."
SCRAPBOOK PAGE 5, from December 1981 in New York and California. It is a collage - a card from the Hotel Iroquois, an ad for The Cramps at Lido Beach, something about Joe Strummer. On top of the hotel card, Kid's writes "PIL in the Bar, Clash next door."
SCRAPBOOK PAGE 6 is an extension of the collage on Page 5 with a Cramps ad from The Peppermen Lounge, a backstage pass from the Ritz, and a few more odd newspaper clippings.


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