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Kid sat down with New York Night Train on October 19 and 20, 2005 to talk about his life and music.. Here you will find both MP3s and text transcriptions of the discussion.

1. “Rock And Roll High School”:
Kid Grows Up Punk (1960 – 1979)

Kid discusses his musical upbringing: his teenage presidency of the Ramones fan club in 1976, his voyage to London in 1977 to witness the punk explosion (and get a punk haircut), his no wave and punk rock experiences in New York in 1977 and 1978, Lydia Lunch, Bradley Field, and the early Los Angeles punk scene.

2. “Preachin' the Blues”: The Gun Club Pt 1: The Gun Club's Genesis (1979 – 1980)

Kid discusses the first two incarnations of the Gun Club:
meeting Jeffrey Lee, the band’s primal days as Creeping Ritual, the ideas behind the band, their songs (most of which appeared on Fire of Love), their performances, how they became The Gun Club as we know it, and his departure to join The Cramps

"Green Fuzz”: The Cramps Pt 1: Becoming KCP in the Psychedelic Jungle (1980 – 1981)

Kid discusses his experiences as a new member of the Cramps:
joining the band, the intricate process of becoming a Cramp, adopting the name "Kid Congo Powers," replacing Bryan Gregory, and recording Psychedelic Jungle

“New Kind of Kick”:
The Cramps Pt 2 - The Road and the Studio (1981 - 1984)


Kid discusses his next three years with The Cramps: touring, the inner-workings of the band, recording “Save It” and “New Kind of Kick,” the recording Smell of Female, and his departure from the band.

. "Walkin’ With the Beast”: The Gun Club Pt 2 - The Las Vegas Story (1984)

Kid discusses his return to the Gun Club
: his reunion with Jeffrey Lee Pierce, the music and literature that informed the band’s new aesthetic, touring Australia, recording The Las Vegas Story, the non-stop tours that followed, and his second departure from the band.

6. “Plunder the Tombs”: The London Years (1984 – 1986)

Kid discusses the two years in the UK between leaving the Gun Club and joining Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds:
moving to London, playing with the Legendary Stardust Cowboy, forming the Fur Bible with the leftover Gun Club members Patricia Morrison and Desperate, the brief tenure of the Beast of Bourbon’s Tex Perkins in the band, becoming a vocalist, recording the Fur Bible’s self-titled New Rose EP with Jim Thirwell (Foetus), touring with Siouxsie and the Banshees, and his invitation to join Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.


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